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12 Gauge
12 Gauge Hornady Critical Defense
12 gauge Hornady Critical Defense Load

We have a new supply of Hornady's Critical Defense 12 gauge 00 Buckshot ammo instock! Packed in 10 round boxes this is just what you need! This is loaded with 8 00 Buckshot pellots and it flys down range at 1600 FPS When you need real take down power for your 12 guage shotgun this is it.
pickup a box Only $
Currently out of stock .
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12 Gauge Winchester 00 Buckshot
12 gauge Hornady Critical Defense Load

Winchester Ammunition 12 Gauge. 9 pellet OO Buckshot load. Great for Defense. Military Loading. 5 rounds per box 2 3/4" shell

get 20 rounds for $19.95

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