Military Surplus Magazines
INCH Pattern L1A1 Mag
FN FAL mag Inch pattern Military Surplus

Military Surplus INCH Pattern L1A1 magazines. These are 7.62x51 caliber mags for the INCH Pattern receivers. These will work in Rock River LAR_8 Rifles verified by Rock River Arms. Standard 20 round capacity mag. These are surplus Military magazines and they have been issued. They have been reparkerized.

Please do not order if you are from a locality that has now prohibited the ownership of 20 round magazines.

Not for sale in CA CO CT HI ILL* MD MA NJ NY VT DC

L1A1 INCH pattern mag for $35.00

10 L1A1 Inch Pattern mags for $300.00
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METRIC Military Surplus FNFAL Mag
FNFAL Metric 20 round Magazine

Surplus FN Fal Metric Magazines
This is a great find for Very Good Condition FN FAL 20 round mags. These will either be FN production or Israli. And they are in Great Condition. This is a 20 round mag. Caliber 7.62x51

Not for sale in CA CO CT HI ILL* MD MA NJ NY VT DC

Surplus Metric FNFAL 20 round mag $15.00
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