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AK mag loader

The AK Mag loader is designed to make it easier to load your AK mags. Using the 10 round SKS stripper clip to charge the magazines easily.

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Now in stock New Production Korean Steel Ak-47 mags. This is a 30 round mag in 7.62x39 caliber. They have a ribbed back

Not for sale in States that have a Magazine capacity Ban

only $10.00
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AK 47 Polish Military 30 Round Steel Mag
Polish AK 47 30 round mag

Moving stuff around and now we can get at the Polish Military Steel AK 47 mags. Hold 30 rounds 7.62x39 ammo. Surplus military. These mags are in good to very good condition. This is a ribbed back style mag. You won't find mags in this condition just anywhere!

Not for sale in CA CT HI MA MD NJ and NY

only $20.00
Currently out of Stock
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