Faqs for you

You have many many choices out there in this vast OZONE of the internet. Thanks for visiting here.

My Credit Card Processor REQUIRES you to sign for your purchase. If I do not have your ID you will be paying for an ADULT Signature service through the shipping company IE USPS or UPS.

1.You are responsible for knowing and obeying your local, state and federal laws as they apply to you. Please don't expect us to know your local laws. If you have questions contact your local authorities. We will not knowingly ship items that are prohibited in your area. Example High Capacity Mags to California residents.

2. If your state requires a separate state issued document to purchase ammunition and firearm related products we must have a clear photo copy of it on file before you order. Illinois and New Jersery customers you already know this.

3. A photo copy of your state issued photo ID clearly showing your date of birth. A driver's license works great!

4. Your signature that the information you are submitting is true and that you are complying with the law. Your signature also indicates that you authorize payment to J and C Sales via your credit card if that is your payment of choice.


5.With the Politcal Climate we are living in these are realitively easy rules. Some are in place for our (yours and mine) security some are just the law.