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Handgun Bullets. Shotgun Ammunition.It doesn’t matter if you own a shotgun or handgun, having top quality ammunition
on hand when you need it is important.  Whether for self-defense or target practice
at the range, you will want enough handgun bullets or shotgun shells on hand to
make sure that your needs are covered, and you need to be able to get
them affordably.  At J and C Sales, we have a wide array of shotgun shells for
to keep your gun ready to fire when you are ready, and we also carry
a large selection of handgun bullets, all at great prices.

Quality handgun bullets help you keep your gun firing cleanly and accurately. 
You can trust us to keep you shooting here at J and C Sales with a great
selection of brand name and surplus calibers.  Our team members know a
great deal about firearms and ammunition, and our stock is comprised only of
the highest quality handgun bullets and shotgun ammunition on the market today.  Surplus military grade ammunition is a great way to save money without worrying that you are sacrificing quality in the process.

From handgun ammunition to shotgun ammunition, J and C Sales offers the calibers you need at prices you can afford.    Ordering our products online is easy, and we always welcome your questions.  If you need answers from people who truly know firearms or if you are looking for help finding rare ammo and supplies, contact us online today or give us a call at (440) 354-9400.

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