We have been setting up at Gun Shows for a long while. Starting out in 1975. See I told you. We have been J and C Sales since 1985 though. This is our second web sight the first one required me Cathy to learn a lot of HTML code and I have since given up on that and I am now trying this one. Hope you like it much better. If you buy more from me I will know I like it better! We can, but are not going, to sell ammo here. Shipping is killer. And I have no desire to keep up with the company that has 25 different sight names for just 1 group. Bless their heart. So catch us at a show if you are in the North East. I will do my level best to keep the calendar up to date. Our shows are mostly in Ohio and Pennsylvania though our son still goes to shows in North Carolina regularly so you can get some of what we have through his business

At this time we accept VISA-MasterCard-Discover-American Express.

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